Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Okay- I have sent out my goodies for the virtual bees.

Today, I mailed my package for QJRR. It's first stop is Kansas then other states and then overseas.  The first block will be made by Kitty Kwilter.  I have seen her flickr page and she does great quilting !!! Yay!Tomorrow I will send out my ModifyTradition Quilt Swap miniquilt. I hope my secret partner likes it. She stated her preferences were triangles, white background , she loves easter egg colors and she loves 30's repro fabrics.  I didn't have 30's repro fabric but I tried to use what I had that would be considered my interpretation of 30's fabric. I will post a photo later. I don't want her to see it if she reads my blog. Well, at least not yet....

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  1. At this point I am so glad I am only signed up for one bee! Can't imagine having several of these hanging over my head. You are doing a great job!